Beitou Springs

Tuesday, last day. We were out of Fenchiu by the 9am bus, heading back towards Chisyi City. Very pleasant couple of hours admiring the scenery and stealing a few extra winks of sleep. After we orientated ourselves with the city and rediscovered the station, we booked the return journey for the fastest train departing at 11:30. An hour to spare for lunch, then onto the train arriving in Taipei late afternoonish. Plenty of time to get a few hours study in for my mid-term on Thursday. It was clear when we arrived in Taipei that time was against us with a 9PM flight ahead, minus the check-in time, minus the 90 minutes we were told it took to get to the airport from the main station during rush hour. But we gambled and hopped on the MRT (subway) for a 30 minute journey to Beitou, where we heard there are some natural hot springs. Rushing, we found a local place (I don’t think it was the main tourist spot), and hopped in, literally. A few minutes chilling out in the hot water and we got talking to a lady and an old chap, both of whom spoke a bit of English. We were trying to find out the quickest and most direct route the airport, which made the old man laugh because we had so little time to get to the airport. However, the lady was kind enough to offer us a lift to the airport which was about 50km away (she lived nearby and had skipped work to go to the springs with her friend). After 20 minutes we hit the road. It was a short stay, but I don’t think I could have remained in the hot water for much longer. The lady and her friend were very jovial on the journey to the airport. I think it was a novel concept to have three gwilos in the back of their car. Finally, having saved a taxi fare, we had Taiwanese dollar to spare for a snack at the airport before boarding the plane for HK. A fantastic four days.

Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou Hot Springs


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