First Day in Ushuaia

Today has been insightful. Things kicked off this morning in the conference room of a hotel across the road. Vivienne Cox, the CEO of BP Alternative Energy introduced us to the programme and delivered an inspiring speech about what to expect from the experience. The afternoon session was led by Peter Senge of MIT, whom I met earlier at the breakfast table. We were split into three groups with a view to approaching the challenge of climate change from the perspective of Developed, Developing A and Developing B countries. Three sets of targets for energy efficiency and emission abatement were plugged into a simulation model developed by the IPCC, which made for some interesting observations. Even with the most optimistic targets, it is seemingly impossible to get the CO2 concentration down to safe levels by 2100. Food for thought. This afternoon I opted for a walk up to the glacier behind the hotel. Was great to stretch the legs and get out into the open for a while. The views are fantastic.

There is a glorious view over the bay that I discovered this morning over breakfast, gateway to the Drake Passage, and an equally spectacular view of the city from the glacier this afternoon. I’m off to dinner now, will check in again tomorrow. Good evening all from Ushuaia!


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